I lost my first business because I thought speaking the same language, having common sense, lots of qualifications and good intention were enough to lead and serve people. I was wrong and I realised most leaders and entrepreneurs were struggling with the same problem so I wanted find a solution.

I have spent the last 15 years developing innovative solutions for coaches and corporate clients so they can level up individual and group performance by reducing unnecessary friction within and between people.

The multi award-winning, internationally accredited and endorsed programs based on Global DISC™ have already been used by Fortune 500 companies, European Parliament, government agencies, universities and global companies for 2 main reasons:

- we make them as practical, uncomplicated and fun as possible so participants can actually use what they learned.
- we give them as much value as possible so they can pass it onto their employees and clients.

ICQ (cultural intelligence) is about leading and serving people in a way that they feel valued, understood and being able to turn our differences into synergy instead of driving each other mad. It is the Science of Uncommon sense, luckily there is a structure beneath the surface and it is a skill we can dramatically improve.

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