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2021 - Atlanta
2020 - Fall
2020 - Summer
2019 - Boston
2019 - Atlanta
2019 - Cupertino
2021 - Atlanta

The 6th CSR featured more than 30 executive speakers and was the first to provide hybrid (online and in-person) attendance options. 

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Keynote presentations were provided by Harvard NPLI Associate Director - Eric Mcnulty, Mr. Olympia - Lee Haney, and the CEO of Virtual Wealth Online - Cathryn Marshall. 

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2020 - Fall

The 5th CSR was the second fully online retreat allowing virtual attendees to contribute worldwide.


Keynote presentations were provided by Director of Information Security at The Anschutz Corporation - Alex Wood and the CEO of W Risk Group - Karen Worstell. 

2020 - Summer

The 4th CSR was the first fully online retreat held over three full days. There were almost 200 attendees and multiple simultaneous roundtable sessions on a variety of topics. 



Keynote presentations were provided by NIST Fellow - Ron Ross, President & CEO of Needling Worldwide - Paige Needling, and the President & CEO of Murray Security Services - Dr. Shawn P. Murray. 

2019 - Boston

CSR03 was held in-person at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Boston and had over 100 attendees across industries.


Keynote presentations were provided by President & CEO of Needling Worldwide - Paige Needling and ISSA Director - Jimmy Sanders

2019 - Atlanta

The first Atlanta CSR was located at the Buckhead club and featured a packed two-day agenda.


Keynote presentations were provided by Director of McKesson - Kathy Fithen and CEO of Watchtower Consulting - Lauret Howard

2019 - Cupertino

The flagship CSR was hosted in Cupertino in 2019. This is the event that gave way for our now annual CSR events, facilitating connections among over 150 people. 


Keynote presentations were provided by President & CEO of Needling Worldwide - Paige Needling and ISSA Director - Jimmy Sanders.