Thank you for your plan to participate in this month's Cyber Strategy Retreat - Executive Roundtable session. For 2022/23, Rethinking Cybersecurity will explore the shift in focus to cybersecurity and privacy in our current world. Each month, we invite experts to give insight into how to rethink their industries' most challenging problems. 


For the final session of 2022 we have a theme coming back from 2021. After the positive comments from Injecting Security into Emotional Intelligence, we have brought back the theme for November once again. This session will feature past panelists Csaba Toth and Michael Todd Shinholster with a new panelist, Wendy Kinney. "Rethink Emotional Intelligence" will dive into what organizations do wrong when it comes to an understanding of the effects of emotions and EQ on organizational safety and productivity. Together we will rethink how our emotional well-being and EQ impact our cybersecurity and to a greater extent, the workplace. 


This virtual session will feature a discussion with host Keyaan Williams and our special guests. Each month, Rethinking Cybersecurity will bridge expert insight and perspectives with engaging commentary.  

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