Promoting Strategic Thinking in Cybersecurity, One Event at a Time

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"That was an outstanding event. CLASS-LLC - another class act" - Founder, PRE Consulting Inc.

What our attendees say...

"The conference was a great event for all-cyber experts, executive leaders of all sectors, board members, and relevant topics, interactive discussions. So many amazing professionals to meet, and a fabulous first face-to-face conference to attend for many" - CEO, Life Sciences Management Consultants

"I cannot stop talking about the Cyberstrategy retreat. Great event!" - Project Manager Scrum Master, Sante Nou Haiti

Collaborate, Learn, and Curate Meaningful Connections

The Cyber Strategy Retreat (CSR) delivers the highest quality content provided by the best speakers across industries. Although cyber is in the name, the objective of this executive leadership event is to promote strategic thinking in cybersecurity.

The Cyber Strategy Retreat achieves this goal by bringing business, technology, risk, and security executives together to connect, collaborate, and explore relevant business topics. More than 800 attendees from past events agree that this event delivers on its mission to create great connections and provide unique value.


Cyber Strategy Retreat Events

Under the Cyber Strategy Retreat banner CLASS-LLC hosts many different types of events. Take a second to become familiar with our events below.

Cyber Strategy Retreat

Our yearly July conference, bringing together executives and business leaders from technology, security, risk management and more.

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Executive Offsites

Our yearly executive experience for business leaders providing professional development in luxurious global settings. 

Executive Roundtables

Our monthly, fully complementary, executive roundtables with a new expert panel and exclusive recordings for registered attendees. 

Executive Dinners

CLASS-LLC offers exclusive dinners where companies can create a night to remember for a select group of people. This dinner can be accompanied by a roundtable of experts upon request.

A Intentional Focus on the board

What does the board really need to know about cybersecurity?

The answer to this question applies to all organizations regardless of their industry, size, or geographic location. Our summit and panels always place special importance on board Communication.

We regularly feature non-technical business executives and board members from the Private Directors Association Atlanta Chapter and OnBoard, Inc who share their insights and experience in a way that equips VIP guests to positively impact their organizations.

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